Our leadership at Domcare24 Ltd share the great passion to give back to the community we are part of. Our strength and effectiveness are based on a variety of skills, qualifications and experience we bring to domiciliary care. Our Director Board consists of three Registered Nurses; Jose Poulo, Anoop Sudhakar, Sumesh Subramanian and a tertiary educator, Anoob Antony. Our Registered Manager is Rosmy Thomas who has more than a decade’s experience in the healthcare industry.

Anoop Sudhakar

Nominated Individual and Director

Anoop Sudhakar

Anoop is a qualified Registered Nurse with 8 years of experience in adult social care in the UK. Following his B.Sc. (Honours) in Health and Social Care from London School of Management and Science, he built his career as a health care professional and got registered with NMC in 2015. During his 8 years of experience as a Registered Nurse, he gained and practised all necessary skills with an excellent track record.

In 2021, he established Sigma Life Ltd, a nursing agency, along with his business partner, Mr Sumesh Subramanian, the Operational Director of Domcare24. As a responsible partner in this venture he managed this company with direct input in all the processes including recruitment, training, accounting, delivery of care and compliance.

Anoop Sudhakar brings great value and sense of reassurance to Domcare24 by being its Nominated Individual. As a person very familiar to the dynamics of the healthcare field, he takes equal responsibility in the daily running of the company along with the Registered Manager, Rosmy Thomas.

Rosmy Thomas

Rosmy Thomas is a qualified Registered Nurse (B.Sc. Nursing) with 10 years of experience in adult social care in the UK. She began her career as a supervised practice nurse in 2011 and became a Registered Nurse in 2012. Since then she worked with three care providers within Hertfordshire County; Westgate Healthcare, Roebuck Nursing Home and Pine Lodge Care Home. During this time, as a senior nurse her managerial skills were put to test with great results and appreciation from both service users and the providers. Her commitment to the profession coupled with willingness to work hard, brought about a clean track record in her career.

Rosmy brings an extremely professional yet compassionate character to Domcare24’s management team. Being the face of this company, her skills in managing our team to deliver what we promise to deliver is our great strength and pride.

In order to excel in her role as Registered Manager at Domcare24, she is currently pursuing Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management in Adult Care (RQF) along with carrying out her responsibilities as the manager. With such levels of dedication and her friendly character, she is an efficient link among all the stakeholders of the company.

Jose Poulo

Clinical Lead and Director

Jose Poulo

Jose Paulo’s healthcare career began when he achieved his qualification in General and Psychiatric Nursing in 1997. With continuous and dedicated hard work, he climbed the steps of this profession reaching the role of the Deputy Manager in 2002 and the Registered Manager in 2008 at Nightingale Nursing Home, Ware in Hertfordshire.

During his 13 years’ tenure as Manager, Jose lived up to the expectations of his role excelling in everything he did and it reflected in the achievements of the Nursing Home. This home was rated as ‘Good’ by CQC in 2020, and as ‘Excellent’ by East and North Hertfordshire CCG (PAMMS) in 2019 and 2020. Another testimony to his managerial skills became public when carehome.co.uk rated Nightingale Nursing Home with a 9.2 rating during his leadership.

Jose Poulo brings an array of hands-on skills and knowledge he gained from his long career both as Registered Nurse and as Manger. He acts as the Clinical Lead in Domcare24 by providing assistance to the Manager in all areas of care delivery, especially complex care. He also helps the HR Director to plan, execute and follow up the training requirements of the staff from time to time. His knowledge about the relevant laws and regulations helps the company be compliant at all times. Jose is a crucial point of contact for accurate clinical oversight should there be any requirement. His proven commitment to the community helps the Manager to focus on the priorities of home care we intend to deliver.

Sumesh Subramanian

Sumesh is a qualified Registered Nurse (B.Sc. Nursing) with 10 years of experience in adult social care in the UK.

Sumesh became a Registered Nurse in 2012 and soon joined North Middlesex Hospital, London as a ward nurse. It was a cardiac ward where he learned different clinical skills such as Venipuncture, IV cannulation, IV administration, NG tube insertion, tracheostomy care and catheterisation. He became the senior nurse after a couple of years and managed the ward in the absence of ward sisters.

After successfully completing a mentorship course he became a mentor to guide the nursing students and sign their competencies. He gained tremendous levels of confidence in managing staff and training students while getting excellent clinical experience during this time. In 2016, he joined a nursing home with 140 beds in five units including nursing care and dementia. During this time, he acquired various skills such as supporting service users with dementia, challenging behaviour and learning disabilities, and became efficient in end of life care and palliative care.

He worked there for five years before starting his own care agency with his business partner Anoop Sudhakar who is also the Director of Domcare24. As a policy maker, he has gone through the ups and downs of running a company with many similarities to domiciliary care in terms of recruitment, training, liaising with multiple stakeholders, finance management and business continuity. His ongoing success in this field and the skills and knowledge gained from a care provider setting will certainly contribute to the successful establishment of Domcare24.

Anoob Antony

HR and Finance Director

Anoob Antony

Anoob Antony is a qualified Tertiary educator with over ten years of experience in teaching and workplace training. He began his career in 2007 after completing his Post Graduation in English Language and Literature and Bachelor of Education. To further strengthen his skills and knowledge as a teacher, he successfully completed the Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Learning in Teaching (Level 7) from New Zealand in 2012. This course enabled him to professionally assess and evaluate teaching and learning practices in a work setting in any field. As part of his study, he was given the opportunity to observe and evaluate teaching practices in the departments of Occupational Therapy, Veterinary Science and Culinary Arts of the world famous Otago University, New Zealand. Later he was employed as Technical Assistant to redesign a course in the Automotive Engineering Department in Otago Polytechnic.

In 2017, he established an online language coaching school, Gramielts Academy UK Ltd helping professionals such as nurses, engineers and doctors. As Course Designer in this company, he has years of experience in designing and delivering online training courses and materials based on the needs of the individual learners.

Domcare24 hopes to make use of his skills and knowledge in the areas of customer service, money management and systematic training to achieve its goals. He will be keeping track of the finances and also carry out the duties and responsibilities of the HR department and help the Manager by auditing and evaluating the training metrics in the company.